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Below is our home grown fantasy name generator. As a DM, I've used it in preperation for my Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition campaigns when I hit a mental wall on names, but you could use it for any tabletop rpg campaign. If you like it - check out our paper resources - it helps support making more of these kinds of things!

Our generator has been utilized in creating names for the new mobile game Fate, A Game of Chance. Feel free to use the names you generate here for any non-commercial purpose. Just let people know where you got them from!

Deviniti, The Lord's Paladin
Lush The Patient
Kongu The Loremaster
Cthugothotal The Crawling Chaos
Drake, The Dead
Terrorrose, The Undying
Hakkar, Of The Clan Of The Wolf
King Kravix
Lord Palmer the Paladin