About Us

Fantasy Name Machine started as a simple idea: What if we could provide simple tools for pen and paper RPG players and GMs? From that idea - sprang forth the Campaign Companion Series.

We've had fun (and continue to have fun) coming up with clever content for tabletop RPG players of all stripes, but now we want to be able to provide more content - faster! So we've decided to dip our toes into Machine learning and see if that bears some fruit.

Fantasy Name Machine gets it's name from two things: Fantasy Names (duh) and Machine Learning. We used a common text generation neural network called RNN (recurrent neural network) that we fed a lot of our favorite fantasy names. Now it comes up with unique names! Some may leave a little to be desired - but we've played with this for some time and as you'll see - some of them are pure gold. The best part is it will only get better! We plan on adding additional Machine Learning algorithms for other content and will soon add a way for the community to participate! Let the Journey Begin!